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these are a few of my favorite things...

I (Michelle) was born & raised in Milwaukee WI! I have a big family and can't imagine living anywhere else away from family or friends. I've always LOVED taking pictures and never even thought about doing it for a living! I owe that idea to two of my aunts that suggested I "seriously" consider it! I'm soooo happy they encouraged me because now I can't imagine myself doing anything else!

I met my hubby (Ben) in 08' over a Borat quote. I accidentally sent him a text saying "very nice how much" after seeing his photo not knowing it was from his phone and his response back was "lol free". I knew immediately I had sent this message NOT to my best friend! Luckily it was our conversation starter and we became best friends over the next few days spilling everything we could about ourselves to each other. Needless to say we fell in love!

We both have a LOVE for people & photography and most importantly people in love. It's what inspires us daily to do what we LOVE!

We both decided we were going to get married in March 10' and that we wanted to get our photography business up and running asap! In Fall of 09' Ben asked me what I wanted more a new camera (Canon 5D Mark ii) or an engagement ring, with that camera in my hands I immediately said "a camera"! I was thinking -"shoot i already got the guy! The ring can come later!" And with that decision my engagement ring (my new camera) came November 1 2009. I did finally get a ring right before we got married on March 12, 2010.

Some random things about us: We love Chinese food- (give us a hibachi buffet and we're thrilled), we love traveling (Vegas is a FAVORITE spot), we both had never been to Disney World until our honeymoon, we both love watching food network shows and anything with Gordon Ramsey in it - yay Hell's Kitchen, we love spending lazy days at home with our 2 cats and son, Ben's family lives in Hawaii and we've never gone (someday soon i hope though), we both worked retail for over 10 years, Ben used to be a Marine-(he can share that story), we go to Six Flags every year but only Ben rides the roller coasters, we have a son named Bryson that was born Febuary 2013 and he is the apple of our eyes - (mommy is obsessed with taking pics of him - you can find those frequently on our facebook fan page) :)

I've got it all - the camera, the ring & the man and son of my dreams! :) And here I am today with the best job a girl could have- photographing the happiest moments of peoples lives! I LOVE what I do, thanks for stopping by and viewing our site!

All the best,


behind the lens...