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Gallery- Maternity/Newborns

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Capturing your baby story...

I get so excited when I get to be a part of a baby journey! I'm a boy mom and love love love being a mom. I love getting to help create unique ideas to announce the big news for a pregnancy announcement session or a gender reveal.

I have done maternity sessions every month for some moms or captured the big pregnancy milestones (announcement, gender, ready to pop sessions).

I am happy to offer birth photography to those that have a planned c-section or for due dates in our wedding off season. This is such a special time and I just love getting to capture the reactions and tasteful angles of child birth.

One of my favorite newborn sessions is a fresh 48 session where I visit you and baby in the hospital within the first 48 hours of birth. Normally this session is done during daylight to have best lighting in your hospital room or birth location. This session captures the first moments with your little one and captures this memory in the hospital.

For newborn sessions I offer in home newborn sessions where I come to you. I remember how hard it was when my little guy was born to plan anything let alone get out of the house. There was no schedule he was on and I was still adjusting to being a mom. With an in home session I can do a candid session that captures the natural beauty of your home environment with new baby or I can do a session with props and floor drop.

For a session with props I bring with me everything needed for a mini studio setting. I bring a crate, wraps, hats, headbands/bow ties and props related to the sex of your baby. Only thing I need is a spot with lots of natural light (usually a spot next to a large window or patio doors) and a well fed baby.

With an in home session I always allow plenty of time for you to feed or change your new little one as I know having time for these will make both mom and baby not stress.

I look forward to the opportunity to capture this precious time in your lives that passes so quickly.




Maternity & Newborns